Nutella Hot Chocolate

Nutella Hot Chocolate

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(picture from here)

Guys, I’ve come across the best idea ever for hot chocolate-add nutella. I was on Pinterest yesterday to avoid studying for finals, and I came across a pin for Nutella hot chocolate.  It immediately caught my interest because Nutella is clearly one of the basic food groups, and I knew I had to make it.

I googled a bunch of different recipes for Nutella hot chocolate and tried the one I thought was best.  Obviously I chose one that had the highest Nutella to milk ratio (don’t act like you wouldn’t as well) and got to work.  I made it in my microwave since I don’t trust dorm kitchens, but I’m also including a recipe for the stove if you have your own place.  Enjoy this recipe and happy finals!


Stovetop Method:

NOTE: I haven’t tried the stovetop recipe, so let me know how it goes; (recipe from here)


-1 cup milk

-2½ Tbsp Nutella

-1 Tbsp Cocoa


Combine all ingredients in a small sauce pan over medium heat and stir until it reaches your desired temperature.  Pour into a mug and enjoy.

Microwave method:


1 cup milk (substitute hot water if absolutely necessary but it won’t be nearly as good)

2-3 T Nutella to taste


Pour milk into microwave-safe cup and microwave for 1.5 minutes.  Add Nutella and microwave for 45 seconds-1 minute.

CAUTION: hot chocolate may be really hot when it’s finished for either recipe so be careful.  Feel free to decorate with marshmallows, whipped cream, sprinkles, or whatever you’d like.


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